I’m so fucking annoyed and frustrated
All you do is bother me about how I don’t show I like you
And all you do is talk about sex and other girls tits
I’m so fucking done
I poured my heart out to you
And this is what I get in return?
You take advantage of the fact that I’m hooked on you
But I’m taking that advantage away
I’m done
I’m so fucking done
And tomorrow I will make you beg me for forgive
Instead of the other way around
You will plead at my feet
And if you decide you’re gonna be an asshole about it and make it all about you
I won’t put up w it
I’ll tell you straight up what I’m thinking and feeling
And that will probably be the end of us
And I’ll probably cut until I’m over you
Suicide doesn’t seem so bad right now
And oh if you don’t plead
That will also be the end of me

"Forever trapped in “almost” and an occasional “so close”
And as we continue up the road we expect it to get shorter
But it never does
And we never achieve anything
Or succeed
But we keep telling ourselves we will
And we never really do until we actually believe that it’s only seemingly endless"
- Good Things Only Happen Unexpectedly

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"People don’t understand why I dress the way I dress
Some judge me,
And others compliment me
I need those compliments
I remember when I was in that really bad place
The one that we sometimes go to within our thoughts
Well I couldn’t escape for a whole year
I didn’t care so much about my clothes but every compliment I received helped me
Each compliment took away another minute of tears each night until there was no more minutes left
I dress the way I dress because I have nothing else to define me
I know that my style is different everyday and that one day I’ll be girly and the next grunge and the next two I’ll look hipster
It’s not the exact clothes I wear but the fact that fashion is something I prove to know well
I dress well, and everyone knows it
Whether they like the kind of style or not, they still know it’s good
And I need that
I need something to take me away from being called average and being average
I’m not the most skinny person, or the most intelligent, or the most beautiful, or the most talented
But some would definitely say I’m the most well dressed and I need that
I need people to appreciate something about me,
Even if it’s only the material I wear on my flawed skin"
- Fashion

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"You’re so cute." They say
“You’re so adorable.” They say
They pat my head and say
“But only because you’re short.”

I was happy for only a second

"You’re so cute." They repeat
“You’re so adorable.” They repeat
They pat my head again and say
“But only because you’re short.”

I wasn’t happy for even a second

"You’re so cute." You say
“I think your laughs cute.” You say
You make me giggle and smile and say
“It’s true.”

I was happy for more than a second

- You’re So Cute

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"My world is turning just slightly faster than everyone elses and I’m walking at the same pace as everyone else
I feel like I’m being left behind
Even though we’re at the same speed
I see the back of your head miles away"
- Left Behind

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